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Ivy Hall Development and Management Services

Ivy Hall Senior Living has been founded out of respect for the autonomy and intelligence of a new generation of America’s seniors.  We are dedicated to operating fiscally responsible assisted living residences that meet our customers’ preferences.  We are particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to develop assisted living settings for a variety of underserved niche markets.

Ivy Hall Senior Living was founded to serve our residents as well as to create rewarding collaborative opportunities for organizations and individuals committed to the provision of housing for seniors.  We offer over two decades of innovation, experience, and integrity in seniors housing consulting, management, and development.

Ivy Hall is available to

  • Manage and revitalize underperforming properties

  • Co-develop and manage, with smaller and specialty organizations, assisted living and seniors housing properties

  • Create joint ventures with real estate investors seeking a hardworking, successful partner relationship


Ivy Hall’s founder and CEO, Joan Hyde Ph.D. is a leader in the assisted living industry. Dr Hyde has operated assisted living residences for the past 14 years, as well as working in the field of gerontological research and practice, including program design and implementation for assisted living, nursing homes, senior housing and other long-term care settings.

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