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Full text version of several publications now available.

“Understanding the Context of Assisted Living” in Assisted Living: Current Issues in Facility Management and Resident Care. “The Medicaid Program and Assisted Living Properties: How the Rules Stymie Government and Industry Needs” in Seniors Housing and Care Journal, 2002  Vol 10. Assisted Living in America’s Future, Stephen Golant, Ph.D. and Joan Hyde, Ph.D., editors.  Johns Hopkins Press forthcoming, Spring, 2007

Publications and Presentations

  • The Assisted Living Residence: A Vision for the Future, Co-editor, Johns Hopkins Press, forthcoming (March, 2007).

  • "AL Resident Assessment and the Future of LTC" Assisted Living Consult, Jan/Feb 2007.

  • "The Hospital Experience, Perspectives of Assisted Living Providers" in Improving Hospital Care for Persons with Dementia Springer Publishing Company, Inc. 2006

  • Will Assisted Living Become the Home of the Most Cognitively and Physically Frail? Presentation to the Gerontological Society of America Conference, November 2005, Orlando, FL. 

  • Environmental Correlates to Behavioral Health Outcomes in Alzheimer’s Special Care Units, Co-Author with Zeisel J, Silverstein N, Lawton P and Holmes W, The Gerontologist, vol 43, No 4, 2003

  • "The Medicaid Program and Assisted Living Properties: How the Rules Stymie Government and Industry Needs" Co-Author. Seniors Housing & Care Journal. Vol 10, No 1. 2002.

  • Organizational Characteristics of Special Care Units In Assisted Living and Other Residential Settings, 8th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, Stockholm, Sweden, July, 2002

  • Resident Centered Information System for Assisted Living, Scientific Program for ISQua’s 19th International Conference, Paris, France, November 2002

  • Measuring Levels of Coordination in Healthcare and Service Organizations, 55th Annual Meeting, Gerontological Society of America, November 2002

  • Reliability and Validity of Assessment Data in Assisted Living, 55th Annual Meeting, Gerontological Society of America, November 2002

  • "Understanding the Context of Assisted Living,” in Assisted Living: Current Issues in Facility Management and Resident Care, Namazi and Chafetz, eds., Auburn House Press, 2001.

  • Aging in Place in Assisted Living, American Society on Aging and www, April, 2001.

  • “Environmental Design as a Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease” in Enhancing the Quality of Life in Advanced Dementia, Volicer et al, eds., Taylor and Francis, 1999

  • Changing the Places Instead of the People: Home Adaptation for the Elderly and Disabled, Co-Editor, with Susan Lanspery, Baywood Press, 1999.

  • “Using Outcome Measures to Provide Excellence in Alzheimer Care”, Co-Author with Sue Levkoff, American Journal of Alzheimer Care, 1997.

  • “Staffing for Alzheimer Assisted Living,” Full-day symposium panel at both the National Alzheimer Association and ALFA Conferences, Summer, 1996.

  • "Alzheimer Friendly Assisted Living Regulation" The American Journal of Alzheimer" Disease. March/April 1996.

  • "The Importance of a Consumer Perspectve in Home Adaptation of Alzheimer's Households" in Staying Put: Adapting the Places Instead of the People Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. December, 1996

  • Serving People With Dementia, Regulating Assisted Living and Residential Care Settings,” Hearthstone Press, 1995.

  • “Best Practices: An Environment-Behavior (E-B) Model for Alzheimer Special Care Units”, American Journal of Alzheimer Care, with John Zeisel and Sue Levkoff, March/April 1994.

  • “Design Review Criteria for Special Care Alzheimer’s Units,” Poster Session, 44th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, Nov, 1992, Washington DC.

  • “Effect of Regulation on Assisted Living Facilities Serving People with Dementia,” Spectrum: Proceedings of the National Association of Senior Living Industries Annual Conference, May, 1993, Anaheim, CA

  • Special Care Units for People with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementia’s” Consumer Education, Research, Regulatory and Reimbursement Issues, State regulatory section, Contract with Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress, Washington, DC, September, 1992.

  • “Alzheimer’s Care in Residential Settings,” presentation at New England Council on Seniors Housing, October, 1992.

  • “Adding Alzheimer’s Care to Assisted Living Services,” co-author, Provider, September, 1992.

  • “Serving Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease,” co-author, Spectrum, June, 1992.

  • “Specialized Alzheimer’s Facilities: A New Methodology for Needs Analysis,” American J. of Alzheimer Care and Research, Jan/Feb, 1991.

  • Conference Coordinator, IN OUR BACKYARD: Integrating Elder Housing with Services and the PublicApproval Process. New England Gerontological Association and MIT School of Architecture and Planning, May, 1990.

  • “Supportive Housing for the Elderly,” The Guthrie Medical Journal, Spring, 1990.

  • Changing Times, Changing Economics: Experiences of Older Residents in Boston’s North End, Gerontology Institute, December, 1989.

  • “The Physical Environment and the Care of Alzheimer’s Patients: An Experiential Survey of Massachusetts’ Alzheimer’s Units."  American Journal of Alzheimer’s Care and Research, June, 1989

  • “Alzheimer’s Unit Design.” Mass General Hospital/Harvard Univ., National Alzheimer Center Conf. on SCUs, May, 1989, Guest Faculty, Co-author, Research Agenda chapter of conference proceedings.

  • “Creating the Best Living Environment.” Alzheimer’s Disease Association of Eastern Massachusetts, Annual Support Group Leaders Conference, May, 1989.

  • “The Impact of Regulation on Nursing Design.” American Association of Homes for the Aging, April, 1989, Washington, DC.

  • Presentation on “Elder Housing Planning,” & “Design of Alzheimer’s Units.” American Society on Aging, March, 1989, Washing DC.

  • Housing Status and Needs of Elders in Greater Boston: Report and Recommendations, August, 1988.Gerontology Institute, UMass/Boston. November 1988.

  • “Utilizing an Existing Service System to Aid Alzheimer’s Victims and their Families,” Co-author, presented at American Orthopsychiatric Association, March, 1987.

  • Co-editor, Alzheimer’s Committee Reports, bills of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Legislature, 1986

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