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Assisted Living Software

Now you can use your computer to make sure you are giving your residents the services they need and want. Developed  by Joan Hyde, Ph.D., under a grant from the National Institute of Aging, this information management system was created specifically to meet the needs of assisted living residences. AlphaPLAN provides your staff with a user-friendly program, with easy-to-use menus that help them to determine your resident's needs and wishes in a friendly, conversational way. The result is a thorough and complete service plan and a satisfied health care client.

With AlphaPLAN you can track trends and generate reports that every department can use to increase staff effectiveness. You can save time and money while increasing the satisfaction staff experience in their work and adding to the relaxed graciousness in which your residents will delight.

Assisted Living Functional Application #1: Marketer

No more pieces of paper with layers of added information as you work your way through the move-in decision with resident and family. AlphaPLAN includes a full marketing system that allows you to track prospective residents, adding new information incrementally, as you obtain it, and prompting you when you need to make the next contact. AlphaPLAN lets you sort contacts by zip code for bulk mailings and easily determine who are your best referral sources. Included in this module is a brief assessment that gives both potential residents and marketing staff the information they need to estimate the amount of services the new resident will need and the costs of those services.

Assisted Living Functional Application #2: Resident Information and Service Planning

You've already entered information about a resident during the marketing and intake process. Now all you have to do is add a bit more about the new resident's history, food preferences, recreational and social interests, and medical conditions. The information is available to you in easy-to-use, point and click menus that make it quick and easy to keep track of each resident's profile, from her doctor's phone number to her favorite card game. You will also be pleased to find screens that prompt your staff to ask questions that will help them decide how much help the resident may need in key areas, such as bathing and medication management. With the information you have entered into the easy-to-use forms, creating a service plan customized to the specific needs of each resident is so easy you can finish it while the resident and family are right in the room. That way, your staff can make sure everyone understands and agrees with the plan. Once the service plan is in place, the computer can generate resident-specific task lists. Personal care and other staff can then use those lists to cue them on the resident's needs as they work, and give them a convenient form to log their experiences as each task is completed. The AlphaPLAN system generates medication reminder sheets and other key reports that help you coordinate with family members, pharmacy, physicians and others who support your resident.

Assisted Living Functional Application #3: Scheduling & Operations

The integrated system gives you data to maximize the effectiveness of your overall operations. Employee records, census and apartment count information are at your fingertips. Maintenance orders get billed promptly to the appropriate resident. Menus and food orders can be tied to resident needs and tracked for variations in usage. Best of all, you can use the information entered during the assessment and service planning process to schedule staff most efficiently.

Assisted Living Functional Application # 4: Customer Satisfaction and Quality Outcomes

In the early days of assisted living we knew how well we were doing by counting our residents' smiles. Our business is now getting more complex and competitive, so we often need more information to keep meeting and exceeding our customers' needs. At the same time, we must ensure that we are maximizing efficiency and value. AlphaPLAN comes with a unique set of research-based customer satisfaction tools and easy-to-use screens for applying information you have already collected to tell you how you are doing. As standardized outcomes measurement data are collected by individual sites and shared through a confidential database, you will be able to compare your outcomes to industry norms. Whether using your own internal data or comparing your operation to other similar residences, this information enables you to decide where to focus your resources to ensure the greatest satisfaction for your residents.

For more information about how your assisted living residence may purchase AlphaPLAN and put it to work for you, please email us at

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